My Minecraft Comics

I am M. E. Martin and I love Minecraft and writing. So I decided to create a number of Minecraft Comics, which has now made me a #1 best selling author. I have set up this site so you can read some of my comics for Free.

FREE Minecraft Comics

My Minecraft Comics

I have over 100 Minecraft Comics available for you to read online through my website.

Legends of Minecraft Comics

In my Legends of Minecraft Comic series learn how Herobrine meets his friend Jack. How the two friends escape from a mine with spiders in hot pursuit! Team up with Aella the archer and the trio venture into the lair of the dreaded hydra! Of course along the way they fight zombies, skeletons and creepers. Meet Iron Golems, blood thirsty pirates, King Arthur and his knights, evil witches and Dragon Boy. But that is just part of their adventures there are many many more in my Legends of Minecraft comics.

Minecraft Comics
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Stampylongnose Comic Series

In my second Minecraft Comic Series you can follow Stampy the Cat on a series of adventures as he travels around the world of Minecraft helping all those he feels have served an injustice and obviously searching for cake!

Stampy Comics
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